Why Book an Exclusive Use Wedding Venue with Accommodation?

From attire to transport; and from food to photography, there’s a lot to think about when organising a wedding. In our experience, an exclusive use wedding venue with accommodation can help to make life a little less stressful – we discuss further in the following post.

Dedicated Service and Bespoke Events

With an exclusive hire wedding venue, you guarantee yourself the full use of an entire location for an agreed duration of time – often 24 hours. This means that your event will be the sole focus of the venue and its staff, helping to ensure that your special day goes just as you envisioned.

Moreover, exclusive hire gives you control over a number of other aspects at the venue, including music, decoration themes and entertainment. With this creative freedom at your disposal, you will be able to shape your wedding to your exact tastes and requirements.

No Photobombs and No Gate-Crashers

Taking the perfect wedding photo can be tricky while unwitting extras milling about in the background. However, at an exclusive hire wedding venue, this is not an issue. The only people in attendance at your event will be your guests, ensuring you have full flexibility over when and where your wedding photography takes place.

What’s more, at the reception party, you won’t have to worry about any accidental interlopers stumbling across your wedding – much less awkwardly explain to them that it’s a private function.

Simplified Logistics

A wedding day often comprises several mini-events in one, including the meal, reception party and, of course, ceremony itself. Not all venues are able to cater for these disparate elements during a single day, so you may find yourself hopping from one location to another. However, an exclusive hire venue will provide you full access to its various resources as and when required. This is a factor that helps to simplify logistics and maintain the momentum of your wedding.

Comfortable and Convenient Accommodation

Once the final curtain comes down on your special day, it’s important that those who need it have a place to stay the night. Arranging transport to take people a separate hotel can be quite a hassle, not to mention potentially expensive. Conversely, an exclusive use wedding venue with accommodation provides an overnight option that is at once comfortable, convenient and cost effective. After a restful sleep, you and your guests can reconvene in the morning to relive the merriments of your wedding over breakfast.

Exclusive Use Wedding Venue with Accommodation – Woodland Manor

At Woodland Manor we offer exclusive venue hire and never hold more than one wedding a day. We also specialise in bespoke packages and provide first class catering, as well as extremely comfortable and cosy accommodation. To find out more, please click here and to book a viewing, please click on the following link.

You can also get in touch with our friendly events team by calling 01234 363281 or emailing events@woodlandmanorhotel.co.uk.

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